What is this handbasket we’re in, and where is it going?

The Strong Arm of the Law

Ah, Frank Azar. You wowed the great state of Colorado with your special-effects laden advertising and catchy “Call in the *boom, boom* Strong Arm” shtick, but any doubts of just how much of a shyster you really are have been erased. As reported on May 8, Frank Azar’s firm was found guilty of negligence and misrepresentation and had to pay $145,000 to a Colorado Springs woman in a frivolous lawsuit that questioned Frank Azar’s willingness to really bring frivolous lawsuits to trial.

That’s bad news for a firm that has had trouble in the past, like when they mistook official federal court e-mails for spam. But cheer up, buddy…The Strong-Arm is a great nickname for a professional wrestler or used-car salesman if that whole BAR thing doesn’t work out. Then again, can you really have too many ambulance chasers?


May 9, 2008 - Posted by | All the news that's fit to hear

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