What is this handbasket we’re in, and where is it going?

Flying the scatological skies

In the world of unnecessary lawsuits, there just aren’t enough involving airplane toilets…Until now. According to Reuters, a New York man is suing jetBlue for $2 million for telling him he could “hang out” in the toilet on an overbooked, five-hour flight. This resulted in his “extreme discomfort.” You can’t make this stuff up, and here’s the proof.

Obviously, we aren’t getting the whole story here. I’d put money on this scenario: man learns flight is overbooked and is told he can get on the next flight; man throws a fit; tired of dealing with him, innocent flight attendant gives up her seat; ???; man sits in toilet for rest of flight.

Whatever happened, I’m sure this guy was being a total pain in the ass. But hey, if it gets you a free flight, why not? Personally, I’ve never been offered a free seat in the lavatory, and I might be inclined to take it if I were.

The catch to this story is, obviously, that this guy has the balls to sue the airline for an obscene amount of cash. I’d commend him for trying, but it’s no secret that America’s courts are clogged with thousands of ridiculous lawsuits, such as this one, resulting in slow court dates and rising legal fees for the people who actually need a little justice. We can all cross our fingers and hope/wish/pray/expect this guy to be thrown out on his ass by one angry judge by the time his trial date rolls around.

At least Mr. Mutlu has a good story to tell his grandchildren…If he can convince anyone that a guy who has spent five hours in an airplane crapper is a good lay, that is.


May 12, 2008 - Posted by | All the news that's fit to hear

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