What is this handbasket we’re in, and where is it going?

Rockies’ Hurdles growing taller

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again (many, many times, until the day I die), being a Colorado Rockies fan is an exercise in masochism. Just six months removed from their World Series appearance in ’07, the Rockies now hold the dubious honor of being the worst team in the National League, tied in the entire majors with the Mariners (though that could change if the Mariners scratch out a win tonight). I’ve been an avid baseball fan my entire life, watching games since before I could comprehend the sport (in times out of memory), and let me tell you, this 2008 Rockies team is one of the very worst I have ever seen. If they even make it back into contention within the division this year, I’ll eat my hat.

I’m not sure how, most of the same players are all back (the key missing guys being Kaz Matsui and Josh Fogg). How could a team sporting names like Tulowitzki, Holliday, Hawpe, Atkins, and Helton be dead last in the entire major leagues in batting with runners in scoring position? How can Hurdle, a manager of questionable effectiveness, even during that pennant run last year, still have a job?

The 10-9 loss to the Cubs today was a perfect microcosm of how this year has been – crushingly disappointing. How any team gives up an eight run lead in just two innings is beyond me…My old little league team probably could’ve held that lead.

In the end, it’s just baseball, though. But in a world full of maneating sharks, Presidents not playing golf, war, famine, hurricanes, Frank Azar and never-ending Presidential primaries, baseball is a shiny little beacon of light. To see your team play themselves into the worst team in baseball, just a year removed from a World Series berth, is not a whole lot of fun.

So I’ll sign, in my nebulous little corner of the Internet, the petition growing in popularity inside the Rockies fan base to have Clint Hurdle and his coaching staff fired. Kaput. Fin. Bring in someone who at least manages with passion (gets thrown out of games, argues calls, gets pissed off at underperforming players, etc). They can’t fire the team, as much as I wish they could, but they can shake up the coaching staff. Get it done.


May 30, 2008 - Posted by | Rockies, Sports

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