What is this handbasket we’re in, and where is it going?

Something is rotten in the state of New York

New York is a much-maligned city. Whether it’s the crime rate or the fact that there are more bird sightings than in Rocky Mountain National Park, I don’t know – a lot of weird stuff goes on in the Big Apple. This time, a Fox News employee is suing the owner of a Manhattan office building for, get this, post-traumatic stress disorder caused by bedbugs. Yes, bedbugs – not Bill O’Reilly…I checked.

PTSD used to be in the realm of war vets, victims of violent crimes and other survivors of harrowing experiences. Not exposure to bedbugs. Imagine the psychological turmoil she’d be in if she were a bed wetter!

Personally, I’d think that claiming a bedbug infestation caused you to suffer from PTSD would be pretty damn insulting to, say, a rape victim – but seeing as this is America, there’s money to be had. And this is an untapped market. Or so I thought. Seems like Alan Schnurman (the employee’s lawyer) has made quite a living bringing bedbug related lawsuits to trial, like this one…Or this one.

I thought I had covered my ludicrous lawsuit of the year already. It seems, however, that I’ve underestimated the law-wielding public.

So here’s a good get-rich-quick scheme for you, assuming you can afford the shyster who’ll bring it to trial:

1). Get bedbugs – invite countless strangers into your home/office/friend’s home until one brings the baddies.

2). ???

3). Profit!

It really is that easy. *sigh*


June 3, 2008 - Posted by | All the news that's fit to hear

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