What is this handbasket we’re in, and where is it going?


Yes, it’s finally over. I don’t care who won it, so much, as I care that it’s over. I’m, of course, speaking about the Democratic primary. Yesterday Obama seems to have clinched the nomination following the primaries in South Dakota and Montana, mathematically sealing Hillary Clinton’s fate.

Of course, Hillary doesn’t appear to have gotten the memo, remaining silent and not conceding the nomination. It’s pretty sad, really. This isn’t a sweet-sixteen, I want it now moment, Hillary. You can’t just obstinately refuse to give up here. It’s time to show some real leadership and gracefully accept defeat and begin to repair the gaps the primaries formed in the Democratic ranks.

To say I’m not excited about Obama would be a lie, however. I couldn’t tell you why, really. I think it’s because finally we could be facing the possibility of having an eloquent and articulate President. A real charismatic, well-spoken leader. We haven’t had one of those since Kennedy. But then, we haven’t had a good war vet since around then either.

So now the focus will be on the Presidential election, as it should have been months ago. McCain v. Obama. Both candidates have offered the American people change, and both have been rather vague in that regard. Should be interesting. I’m pulling for Obama, personally, because I’m pretty damn tired of Republicans at this point.

So let the dirty politics really begin. Let no stone be unturned. No one wants to be exposed to the constant negativity of America’s political machine, but it’ll happen anyway. It’s best to accept it and to enjoy the show.


June 4, 2008 - Posted by | Political Rants

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  1. I just heard somebody refer to Obama as Barry Obama-wan Kenobi. Thought it was funny and somehow appropriate.

    Comment by Jessica | June 9, 2008 | Reply

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