What is this handbasket we’re in, and where is it going?

The dog-less days of summer

In a move to bolster public perception among the soon-to-be tourist swarm that will engulf their country, the Chinese government has put a ban on dog meat for the duration of the Olympic games. What’s more, they are “encouraging” outlets to persuade consumers who do order dog to try a different dish. I knew China was going to be highly intrusive during the games, but this is crazy.

Culturally, there’s nothing wrong with eating dog in China. So why should tourists be sheltered from the practice? Especially if patrons wish to partake in this curious culinary practice. There’s only one explanation – China is insane.

Everyone knows China as a xenophobic, controlling, communist nation – the beauty and ancient heritage of China not withstanding. The Olympics are going to be their chance to legitimize themselves on the world stage. However, serious concerns earlier in the year about air quality, which have yet to be cleared up, coupled with the Chinese suppression of Tibetan protesters earlier this year have already begun to pull a pall over this year’s Olympics.

I said to myself as early as March that China was going to screw up the Olympics somehow through their desire to control EVERYTHING. When Major League Baseball played a series of exhibition games there and were delayed due to over-the-top, last minute security measures, and not allowed to go into extra innings, you knew that the Olympics were going to be an adventure.

So let them eat dog. It will be a welcome distraction from the security army and copious use of metal detectors. I’m sure if Denver ever gets to host an Olympic games, we won’t be taking Rocky Mountain Oysters off the menu.


July 11, 2008 - Posted by | Chinese Olympics, Diatribe, Sports

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