What is this handbasket we’re in, and where is it going?

And we’re out of the gate!

My blog will more than likely turn into a running, as-I-hear-it-and-have-time-to-write-it account of this year’s Olympic games held in Beijing, China, and the almost inevitable bungling of the event by the Chinese state. And lo and behold, with only one day until the games officially start, we are off and running with our first international incident involving the Chinese government and foreign media representatives!

Chinese officials have issued a formal apology to Japanese officials following the beating of a couple of journalists. The Japanese natives were apprehended by police at the scene of a deadly attack by Muslim separatists (which occurred yesterday). The journalists were taking pictures of the area in which the attack took place, which is, of course, what a journalist is paid to do, when they were accosted by police, taken away and beaten. In a separate incident, Chinese authorities barged into the hotel room of a French journalist and forced him to delete photos of the scene of the attack.

Liu Yaohua, a top police official in the area the attacks occurred in, had this to say –

“The Japanese reporters violated the rules of China by forcing their way into a military area. The act was not well-justified, and they should accept the consequences…I, however, apologize to the reporters, as the top regional public security official, for the clash they had with the border policemen.”

Score one for free press in China.


August 5, 2008 - Posted by | Chinese Olympics

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