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Think of the children!

This one’s a laugher. A third Chinese gymnast has had questions raised about her eligibility to compete in the Olympic games. The reason – she will only be turning 15 later this year. According to Olympic rules, an athlete has to be 16 the years of the games. However, it is the job of the IOC to sort out this sort of nonsense, so we’re in business. Because the IOC only looks over an athletes passport to glean all the vital information they need.

And what, I ask, is the value of a passport in a totalitarian regime like China? A regime hell bent on defeating the rest of the world on the medal boards? Not a lot, I’m afraid. Because the IOC foolishly believes that countries (I’m sure this isn’t just a China thing) are going to be completely honest with their athletes’ passports, it’s left up to third parties to catch this sort of thing and force the IOC to fix their damn mistakes. Hurray for journalists.

Hell be ready for 2012 - Will you?

He'll be ready for 2012 - Will you?

The gymnasts in question are all found on registration lists in previous years with their correct age. Inexplicably, on the 2007 registration list, their dates of birth have been altered to make them appear to be of eligible age for the Olympics.

Not to pick on China, the age of gymnasts has been a concern and battleground in the games going back to the 1980s, but this is just too easy.


August 7, 2008 - Posted by | Chinese Olympics

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