What is this handbasket we’re in, and where is it going?

Botanical phallus excites Belgians

What’s tall, stinks, and rises to the occasion every four months?

The Amorphophallus Titanium!

The Amorphophallus Titanium is drawing a lot of attention over in Belgium for its annual-ish peepshow. In addition to its rather phallic appearance, the flower is also rank with the smell of rotten meat. Apparently, the smell wafts from the flower in order to attract pollinators such as corpse flies.

Audrey II would be proud - photo from Reuters

Audrey II would be proud - photo from Reuters

In addition to being the life of the party, the amorphophallus titanium is also the tallest bloomer in the world. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the tallest of the phalli was recorded on October 20, 2005 at a startling 9′ 6” tall. The bloom only lasts for a few days, while the growth itself takes about a year. This is one flower that doesn’t bare all very often.

New Yorkers were so impressed by this flower, than in 1939 it was named as the official flower of the Bronx (only to be replaced in 2000). I knew there was something funny about New Yorkers.


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