What is this handbasket we’re in, and where is it going?

I want to say one word to you. Just one word – Corn

Take a good long look at that flash drive of yours. Odds are that a few years down the road from now, that little bugger will probably be rotting in some landfill somewhere, destroying the environment in its own little way, while you’ve moved on to bigger, more glamorous flash drives. Thank God for Hoshima.

Today, Hoshima (a Hong Kong company specializing in the manufacture of USB drives and other electronic gagets) unveiled, via Gearlog, its brand new, 100% bio-degradable USB flash drive. The flash drive of the lean, mean, green future is not made of clumsy, evil, carcinogenic, Earth killing plastic (just don’t tell Mr. Maguire). Oh no, these little bad boys are made of polyactic acid (PLA) derived from corn.

No, thats not one of those little salad bar novelty corns

No, that's not one of those little salad bar novelty corns

Like corn, PLA is easily broken down naturally by the environment we live in. Also like corn, if you ate this USB drive, you’d find little chunks of it in your poop.

And you thought I’d take the high road and make up some corny “corny” joke.


August 7, 2008 - Posted by | Technological Marvels

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