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Too good for his own good

Out in the wilderness that is Connecticut, there’s a little boy.  He, not surprisingly, plays youth baseball and is a pitcher.  To his detriment (somehow), he possesses a veritable cannon for an arm, hurling fastballs at an astounding 40 miles per hour.  Which is a lot for a nine-year-old.

The Youth Baseball League of New Haven has determined that little Jericho is simply too good to pitch and has banned him from doing so.  Apparantly, his fastball strikes fear in the hearts of opposing batters.  The other day, his coach put him on the bump anyway, resulting in the immediate forfeiture of the opposing team (in which case, parents of kids on Jericho’s team started chanting “losers”).

Now, when I was playing baseball as a kid, I distinctly remember one kid who stood above the rest when it came to throwing the heater.  He was big, thick, looked like a bulldog, probably shaved and may have fathered the rest of the team (he may have been Bill Brasky).  This kid, a lefty to boot, was probably hurling the ball in the mid-70s, no small feat for a 12-year-old.  At no point do I remember anyone bitching about him being too good, or causing the opposing players to quake in fear at the rumor of his fastball going by.

This whole damn incident, of course (and who didn’t see this one coming), has been entirely fueled by the parents.  Those kids who have to attempt to hit Jericho’s pitches aren’t afraid of stepping into the box, I guarantee it.  The parents, however, are either overly-concerned with the well-being of their children (a 40 mph pitch isn’t going to do much damage, even to a kid) or jealous that Jericho isn’t pitching for their son’s/daughter’s team.  I bet there’d be no qualms if that were the case.

Let him pitch.  The thought that an American community is barring someone from playing baseball for being too good is about the most bizarre thing I’ve heard this week (there’s always something).

Expect this story to pick up steam if the concurrently-running conventions don’t hold it down – it has all the makings of a great one.  Political and economic intrigue, racial tension, dingbattish-(understandably)angry parents (the mother is going to sue the league so bad that they’re “gonna eat shit and there ain’t gonna be a league next year), the potential disbanding of a team, and a little guy stuck in the middle because he has a gifted arm.  Only in America.

He’d be prime bait for Chinese free-agency, however, if they decide they wan’t to be in the World Baseball Classic or the IOC brings baseball back to the Olympics.  He’s the right age for it.


August 27, 2008 - Posted by | Sports


  1. Are you planning on updating this… ever?

    Comment by jkscow | September 29, 2008 | Reply

  2. Jey kid…I miss the’s been almost 2 months! Grampa

    Comment by Grampa Pat | October 18, 2008 | Reply

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