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Odds and ends of the Series

I’m still a little bitter about the 2008 baseball season.  The Rockies went from first to nearly worst, though I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, the Rangers failed to do anything of import, again, all my playoff predictions were wrong (damn Angels and their inability to play in October), and I’m still writing about baseball rather than making millions of dollars playing it.

But, the World Series washes away all that bitterness – when there are no Yankees involved – at least for a week or so.  And this year we’ve got ourselves a doozy.  The most futility packed sports franchise in the history of the United States, the Philadelphia Phillies, against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, who had not had a winning season in their history until this year.  All signs point to fun, as one team will, for a short time, not be a perennial loser.  It also promises to be a nightmare for Fox – neither of these teams are going to draw a huge number of viewers.

But, that’s not what this is about.  It’s the World Series.  It’s a showdown to determine the best team in the WORLD, apparently.  We’ve got the City of Brotherly Love vs. the Sunshine City – Cheesesteak vs. Orange Juice – the Phanatic vs. Raymond “Rain Man” Sea Dog – the Hot Pants Patrol vs. the Rayhawk – and, of course, the age old struggle of Red vs. Bluish.

Personally, I’m rooting for the Phillies, as I’m a National League kind of guy.  But you can’t really go wrong with either of these teams (though, if the Rays win, that leaves the Rockies with the dubious honor of being the only 90s expansion team without a championship to call their own).  But, since I’m not a highly paid celebrity, who cares?

Unfortunately, my close personal friend (don’t fact check that statement) Barack Obama has taken the opposite tack and is, apparently, rooting for the Rays.  At least while he’s in Florida.  A few weeks ago he expressed support for the Phillies.  Of course, as I said earlier, you can’t go wrong with either team, so you may as well appeal to potential voters through their sports teams.  After all, Obama’s beloved White Sox were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs.

Of course, like the Cubs, the Phillies’ fate is likely predetermined. Rocky always makes an unlikely comeback, and that’s as close as Philidelphia’ll ever get.

Yo, Adrian!

Yo, Adrian!


October 21, 2008 - Posted by | Sports

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  1. hey kiddo…2 in 2 days. I also am a fan of Natl League style baseball but am pulling for the Rays ’cause it gives all Ranger fans something to hope for. I mean we have had more winning seasons (3) in our history.!!! talk to you soon, Grampa

    Comment by Pat Peck | October 21, 2008 | Reply

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